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Monashee Saunas is the proud manufacturer of SteamCube, and also builds high quality Cabin Saunas with the 6’ wide Little Dipper series, the 8’ wide Big Dipper series and the 10’ wide North Star series. There is a floorplan for most saunas and we also custom build so changing the floor plan to accommodate your needs is easy to do.

We have the most energy efficient modular saunas in the industry. Most saunas use a 2×6 T&G cedar board for construction including floors, walls and roofs which provides only R 2.25 insulation factor.

  • Monashee SteamCubes are built with a solid foam core SIP panel providing an boosting the insulation factor by a minimum of 4 times.
  • Monashee Cabin Saunas have a higher R Value than our awesome SteamCube, with a thicker floor, walls and roof making it easier for electric heaters to effectively maintain heat and achieve and hold temperature quicker – even with are larger floorplans.

Construction Features

All Monashee Cabin Saunas are built using our very own  fully unitized SIP panels. Our standard exterior uses a ½” pre-primed decorative Smart Panel plywood and  pre-primed solid wood facia, corner trim and casing on the windows and doors. Painted the colour of your choice. Because of the way our panels are constructed, we can put any siding option you choose. The exterior and interior finish your sauna can be anywhere from rustic, contemporary or ultra-modern. Wood heat, LED lighting and solar power options can be located anywhere you choose and the quality is second to none!

Cabin Sauna Floorplans

Take a look at our sauna floorplans!

Choose from the the 6' wide Little Dipper, 8' wide Big Dipper, 10' wide North Star or go completely custom!
Cabin Sauna Floorplans

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