Traditional Saunas and Steam Cubes

Your Western Canadian source for quality, custom built indoor and outdoor saunas, steam cubes and portable saunas.

Western Canada’s Sauna Expert

Indoor and outdoor saunas available for shipment in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.


  • All saunas are constructed with our very own SIP panels for superior strength and accuracy fully unitized with green choice adhesives
  • Exterior siding of your choice
  • Our modular SIP panels use a solid foam core which provides Monashee Saunas with higher insulation factor, minimum up to 4X more than our competition using 1.5″ cedar board or less.
  • Monashee Saunas use premium products in our construction. We want your sauna to last for years of enjoyment.
Traditional cabin style outdoor sauna with vaulted ceiling by Monashee Saunas

Traditional outdoor saunas built with Western Red Cedar. Choose from 6′ wide, 8′ wide and 10′ wide floorplans with vaulted ceilings.

Modern cube style outdoor sauna by Monashee Saunas

Both interior and exterior traditional Cube Saunas are available in all sizes starting with 4′ X 4′, have flat ceilings with 3 roof styles and many exterior options to choose from.

Custom traditional outdoor sauna with shed style roof.

Traditional outdoor saunas with slanted walls, built with Western Red Cedar. Available in all the Cube Sauna sizes with electric or wood heat options.

Portable outdoor saunas by Monashee Saunas

Have extra space? Any shape or size –  we custom-build premium quality built-in saunas for residential or commercial interiors.

Portable outdoor saunas by Monashee Saunas

Portable Saunas

Traditional outdoor saunas built with Western Red Cedar. Custom built to fit on a trailer so you can take it anywhere!

Portable outdoor saunas by Monashee Saunas

Commercial Sauna Cubes

A great way to enhance your fitness or wellness business. Added perk! A removable asset if plans or locations change.

Enjoy the health benefits of a sauna in your backyard!

Enjoy the health benefits of a sauna in your backyard!

Custom made from premium quality products by trained craftsmen, Monashee Saunas are the energy efficient and environmentally friendly choice for relaxation wherever you go. Monashee Saunas offers a traditional and portable sauna experience, for both interior and exterior.

Our Classic Cube Saunas are built with Grade A clear Western Red Cedar and Structural Insulated Panels (SIP Panels) in all walls, floors and ceilings for superior strength and durability. Monashee modular saunas are built, crated, and delivered to your door.

Steam Cube

A modular traditional sauna that can go anywhere –  inside or out! Easily relocatable –  when life changes, you can take it with you!

Custom traditional outdoor sauna with shed style roof.

What our customers say about Monashee Saunas:

We purchased two – 5’ x 8’ commercial cubes one for each the women’s and the men’s change rooms about 1 – ½ years ago. Monashee Saunas helped us out when we needed service on one of our heater units. Great service, always timely responses and the guys are really friendly and helpful. Our saunas are being used quite a bit every day and look as good as the first day we installed them. They are sturdy,  well-built and these guys stand behind there product.

We hired Monashee Saunas to build a 6’ 6” x 7’ custom sauna for a client home. Their knowledge, quality and craftsmanship of saunas showed very well in this very high quality home we just built. Our client is very pleased with their sauna and we would definitely use Monashee Saunas again.

We ship anywhere in Western Canada!

We build your sauna in our climate controlled facility – and when it’s ready to deliver, we bundle it up, secure it and deliver to you! Once we have arrived at your site, we install, test it to ensure everything is working 100% and leave you with your brand new Monashee Sauna to enjoy.

Why Monashee Saunas?

  • Hand crafted
  • Grade A Western Red Cedar
  • Manufacture Direct Pricing
  • High quality insulation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Customizable

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