Invest in your health with a relocatable Cabin Sauna or Steamcube.

Manufactured from premium quality products by trained craftsmen, Monashee Outdoor Saunas and new Steam Cube Saunas use our very own Structural Insulated Panels (SIP Panels) in all walls, floors and ceilings. These panels are fully unitized, using green choice adhesives. Our high performance SIP panels are lightweight and provide a high insulation factor resulting in an extremely energy efficient structure providing unsurpassed strength and durability. When you compare our saunas to others on the market, you will find that Monashee Outdoor Saunas are second to none.

Bring relaxation and healthy living benefits to almost any location you can think of. Modular assembly for easy shipping and set-up or relocation. Solid construction for snow loads and sub-zero weather. Electric or wood heating and off-the-grid electrical options.

Choose from one of our popular models or custom build. Clean and detoxify your body from the inside out!

Enjoy the health benefits of an outdoor sauna.